Queen Jane of Faceburgh Vase by Jam Westwood

Stoneware vase with mishima text and hand-painted decoration with 24ct gold.

This vase pays homage to the voice of a woman who left her facebook profile open (found after randomly searching common names). All of her facebook posts were scribed in reverse order from most recent backwards, until I ran out of space. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I shared her pleas for charitable donations, family birthday wishes, her excitement for upcoming nuptials and her worries about the rising cost of living, but scribing her grief after losing a beloved family member also felt uncomfortably intrusive. I don’t know if she knows her profile is public or not, but I did have to remind myself that her words, legally speaking, are there to be seen and potentially used, by all. Maybe, by some quirk of fate she will see this and recognise herself. If so I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing her voice and crowning her Queen of Faceburgh. All hail Queen Jane!

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Dimensions 37 × 18 cm


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