Simon Dredge

Simon Dredge is an English ceramic artist whose work explores the impact of history in shaping our cultural understanding. His current body of work is inspired by the use of Polari in the 1950s, a secret language used within gay communities in the UK.

Having worked as an art director for many years, Dredge brings a reflective element to his creative process. He throws and hand-builds his stoneware and porcelain pieces before applying unique ceramic glazes and paint. His design aesthetic involves distressing the paint to reveal the ceramic work underneath, exposing different layers.

By using Polari within his work, Dredge peels back the layers of history to honor the courage and innovation of the gay community while under the threat of harassment and persecution. “I wanted to make pieces that stand out,” he says, “I didn’t want to create work that was just nice or non-descript. I wanted to look at the work and see layers that show a thought process.”

He works from his studio in Liverpool.


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