Adi Avidani

Adi Avidani is an Israeli ceramics artist nd designer based in London, UK.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literature from Tel-Aviv University, and an MA in art for special education from UCL, and an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art.
In her work Avidani investigates the morphology of abstract shapes, with a particular focus on the transformative processes of malformations.
This exploration encapsulates the interplay between contrasting qualities, including softness and hardness, dynamism and stasis, while also evoking subtle allusions to the human form.
Her pieces aspire to push the limits of material practice by leveraging techniques originating from 3D modelling and its associated aesthetics, translating these digital methodologies into the realm of sculptural handcrafted pieces, mould making and slip casting techniques.
She has exhibited her work in galleries and institutions around the world including British Ceramics Biennale (Fresh), Milan Design Week, the Royal Academy London, Wells Art Contemporary XII Florence Art Biennale, and more.

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