Selby HI

There is a nostalgia and sentimentality to Selby Hurst Inglefield’s textile pieces. The artist uses the technique of rug punching to create her wall hangings and chairs, bringing a physical sense of comfort and domesticity to her art.

For as long as she can remember, textile art has been a part of Selby’s life. She grew up in Brighton with a mother who was also a textile artist, before moving to London to study Fine Art at Central St Martins, where she won the Graduate Show Prize in 2019.

The artistic process usually begins with writing based on Selby’s past. She then uses the pieces as a way of intimately reflecting on these experiences, resulting in the contrast of dreamlike imagery alongside the use of self-portraiture.

Selby has created three unique pieces for Alveston’s cat-themed show, which opened in May 2022. Two of these are chairs, which came about during the recent lockdowns. This period of time allowed her to consider at length the interplay between objects and art, and the joyful fantasies which can come from enforced captivity within the home.

Selby lives and works in London. She has exhibited her work at Soho House in Shoreditch and Brighton, and has had shows in Paris and London.


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