Ji Huang

Ji Huang is an internationally renowned glass artist whose pioneering methods explore the changing dynamics of virtual reality.

During his undergraduate studies at the University of Washington in 2017, Huang developed a fascination with the history and daily experience of glass-making. His subsequent time at Pilchuck Glass School, along with residencies in Italy and Canada, inspired him to master existing techniques and develop new experimental methods.

Inspired by his Chinese heritage, Huang’s recent work focuses on a glass-making technique involving a style of lacquer called ‘Xi Pi’. During a labour-intensive process, he creates each original form in wax and textures it by hand before making a refractory mould using the lost wax. A prepared layered colour cup is blown into the pre-heated mould by an experienced glass-blower, which is finally removed and finished after a 48-hour cooling cycle. The result is an almost surreal surface quality that transforms the original material beyond recognition.

Ji Huang is the first artist to successfully fuse lacquer with glass, earning him global recognition. He has won numerous awards around the world and has had a piece commissioned and put on permanent display in The V&A Museum, London.



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