Dan Hollings

Dan Hollings’ paintings explore the complexities of heritage and the connection between family history, places of origin and the present day. The artist, who is Welsh by blood but has lived in Cornwall since his student days, merges still-life and a more figurative style to reflect his lived experience.

Describing himself as a ‘flâneur’, Hollings’ work is often inspired by his observations: small details such as a patch of grass or the expression of a stranger are rendered in abstract shape and colour. What starts as a preliminary sketch morphs into something entirely different as the conversation between himself and the canvas develops, creating a patchwork of different moments in time.

As his practice evolves, Hollings continues to create his own form of personal dialect through which he is able to express his innermost feelings. As he puts it himself, there is not a specific theory behind his work – he merely ‘takes in the world and spits it back out through paint’.

For this exhibition Dan has looked at the Patron Saint of England Saint George and some biblical references. Visiting his childhood church , dating back to the 15th century, where the walls are covered in fresco paintings of the tale of George and the dragon. Dan has taken image references and stitching the old and new together, tweaked to his own style, with a subtle tongue in cheek approach.

Following his graduation from Falmouth University, Hollings has received international recognition for his vibrant and elusive works, establishing him as one of Britain’s most exciting young artists. He has had three sell-out shows at Alveston and was selected by Saatchi Art as one of 34 artists to invest in from Europe and America.

Dan Hollings lives and works in Falmouth.


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