Teddy Hansen

Teddy Hansen’s comically surreal wall-hangings celebrate the power of escapist art. Inspiring laughter and perplexity, he infuses natural imagery with absurd narrative to convey a wild sense of humour and a rampant obsession with frogs.

Having studied at Falmouth and Leeds University, Hansen began his artistic journey with painting and embroidery before developing into the realm of rug-tufting. During the creation process, each piece follows a dream-like narrative which becomes increasingly complex as the work unfolds. Ultimately, it is this sense of unpredictability that fuels Hansen’s vision, culminating in an immersive and arresting aesthetic.

Above all, Hansen strives to emphasise the importance of humour and experimentation by encouraging audiences to take his rugs at face value. Instead of inspiring any kind of hidden notions, they are designed with the sole purpose of evoking joyful escapism.

The new collection is called “Medieval Knievel”.

It looks into the combination/contrast between old and new from all angles and ages.

“Originally I was Imagining I would take the name literally and create a collection solely about the knight stunt men ( i.e Medieval culture and Evel Knievel) but the idea of these different times combining opened too many hilarious doors not to venture down.”

The Collection is made up of wall hangings in punched wool and paintings and smaller development work.

This is the first time exhibiting and selling Teddy’s Paintings.



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