Matthew Chambers

Matthew Chambers has captivated audiences around the world with his abstract and technically elusive ceramics. Pairing his love of constructivist design with a fascination for the beauty of repetition, he has cemented his reputation as one of Britain’s leading potters.

Beginning his career in 1993 as an apprentice to the potter, Philip Wood, Chambers went on to achieve a first-class degree from Bath School of Art before completing a MA at the Royal College of Art. During his studies, he developed an interest in the travel and progression of layered three-dimensional patterns, and how different qualities are achieved through the interaction of key elements: construction, rhythm, viewing position and depth of form.

Chambers’ dedication to the potter’s wheel and the versatility of stoneware clay has enabled him to push the boundaries of ceramic sculpture. Many sections – often coloured with oxides and stains – are individually thrown on the wheel to produce a constructed symmetry, rhythm and serenity. An awareness of the exponential possibilities of clay and the impact of refining minor details within a repetitive process have elevated his work beyond conventional ceramic sculpture, culminating in works of abstract beauty and wonder.

Matthew Chambers lives and works on the Isle of Wight. His ceramics are held in major collections and museums across the world, including the V&A and the Royal Academy of Arts in London.



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