Faded Chrysanthemum by Susan Nemeth 2024

Material: Porcelain, coloured slips, glaze, ceramic transfers, deconstructed transfers from the historical Spode Factory, gold leaf
Technique: Coiled and squeezed, 15 layers of painted, coloured, transparent slips, Poured glaze, Ceramic transfers made from my own photographs, Applied gold leaf, 4 firings, highest 1290 degrees
Measurements: H 47 cm Diam 33 cm

I bought a pot of beautiful Chrysanthemums to use as imagery for making decals. But before I could use them they had faded. I wanted to show the poignant beauty of impermanence. In my early career, I made a lot of things with fabric. I stitched garments to supplement my ceramic income and learned the art of easing a sleeve into an armhole. Everything is cyclical.

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Dimensions 33 × 47 cm


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