Daisies by Susan Nemeth 2024

(Three Vases with Loose Daisies (total 9)

Material: Porcelain, glaze, deconstructed transfers from the historical Spode Factory, gold leaf
Technique: Carved Glazed, Ceramic transfers, Applied gold leaf, 3 firings, highest 1290 degree
Measurements: H 60 cm L 80 cm W 30 cm

In the end, we are all vulnerable beings, especially when we experience bereavement.

Flowers, ever present at these times are both glorious and ephemeral. I wanted the flowers to look insecure, as though they might topple and fall at any moment.

The quick instant sketch is translated into porcelain, which is a delicate, responsive, and yet strong material.

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Dimensions 30 × 57 cm


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