Crumpled Shinymouth by Susan Nemeth 2024

Material: Porcelain, coloured slips, glaze, ceramic transfers, deconstructed transfers from the historical Spode Factory, gold leaf

Technique: Coiled and squeezed, 15 layers of painted, coloured, transparent slips, Poured glaze, Ceramic transfers made from my own photographs, Applied gold leaf

4 firings, highest 1290 degrees

Measurements: H 47 cm Diam. 30 cm


The crumpled, fleshy body of the piece as well as the frailty of the decaying flowers can be both seductive and grotesque: symbols of both loss and regrowth. The deconstructed Spode transfers are indicative of the demise of the ceramic industry.

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Dimensions 17 × 36 cm


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