Honour Among Thieves




From the 16th June, Alveston Fine Arts proudly presents Honour Among Thieves, an exhibition of works by Anne Athena, Jesse Grylls, Teddy Hansen and Dan Hollings.

In celebration of the camaraderie and inspiration between creative thinkers, each artist showcases their talent in myriad forms. From paintings and ceramics to sketches and punched wall hangings, there is something for everyone – and from a range of price points – in this exciting exhibition.

Alongside her ceramics, Anne Athena has produced a series of paintings that take her exploration of the human condition to new depths. Similarly, Teddy Hansen ventures into painting as he channels his surreal aesthetic onto canvas, complementing a unique selection of his trademark punched wall hangings. In addition to larger works, smaller pieces by Dan Hollings and Jesse Grylls are also available, providing a more intimate and experimental quality to their bodies of work. 

Honour Among Thieves opens from the 16th June to the 23rd July. We look forward to seeing you at the gallery.