Peter Jones

At first glance, the paintings of Peter Jones are mere depictions of old and unloved toys. The artist, however, sees them differently: through his eyes, they are historical snapshots of their owners’ lives and, perhaps, in possession of a life of their own.

Jones, who studied Fine Art at Reading University, pays attention to the unique details of each object, from its condition to its very material – both interior and exterior – in order to capture the toy’s essence on canvas. Beneath his gaze, stuffed animals become the subject of both still-life and portrait, as he brings each item to life.

In particular, Jones was drawn to the monkey as a symbol of primitive man, after seeing an image of an ancient Egyptian mummified cat. He has since experimented with more vibrant and colourful works, including a complimentary series of lambs and dogs in an imaginary landscape. Their innocence purposefully offsets the primitive nature of their primate counterparts, demonstrating Jones’s inherent talent.

The artist lives and works in London. His work has been exhibited throughout the UK.

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