Katrin Moye

Katrin Moye’s background in Art History, visual art, and English literature informs her production of contemporary versions of historical ceramics, which express personal observations and commentary on aspects of contemporary life. Her interest in the past provides the starting point to identify commonalities between experiences of the present and those of the people who made and used often defunct historical vessels such as posset pots, albarello jars and bleeding bowls. Katrin is sought after worldwide for her intricately patterned decorative pieces. Her practice encompasses wheel-thrown, hand built and sculptural earthenware pieces, all exquisitely hand painted using coloured slips and underglazes.
Driven by a deep fascination of the unique relationships between individuals and objects, and an enchantment with the ceramic output of 16th – 18th century Europe, her practice brings the past to life with joy, energy and humour. Her research into the history of European decorative pottery styles such as Maiolica and Delftware provides an ideal platform to engage with themes such as Covid-19, the menopause and government communication styles, all with an appropriate measure of wit and a desire to burst a pompous bubble or two. For Collect Open, she has produced a set of large scale maiolica style pharmacy jars illustrating her experience of menopause.



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